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Note to the owners of STR-DG820 AV receivers - 16/01/2009


    Thank you for your continuous interest in Sony products.

    Sony has recently discovered that a limited quantity of STR-DG820 Audio Video Receiver may have a sound issue when connected via the HDMI connector.

    To solve this issue, your STR-DG820 AV receiver has to be sent to a Sony repair center for a free update.

    When connected to a Sony BRAVIA TV with "BRAVIA Sync" feature, the sound output of the STR-DG820 may suddenly increase when the remote control is used.

    If the serial number (mentioned at the back of your AV receiver) of your STR-DG820 AV receiver is comprised between the following serial numbers, and the firmware version is below 1.50, pleasecontact Sony for an update.

    6600006 ~ 6605109
    5500001 ~ 5504254
    5504255 ~ 5513637


    Press and hold down both the "TONE MODE" and "MUSIC" button on the front panel. While keeping the buttons pressed, turn on the unit with the "ON/STANDBY" button on the unit (not from the remote control).

    The firmware version will be shown on the display as below. If the version is below 1.50, your AV receiver needs to be updated.


    If your AV receiver is not within this serial number range, or has firmware version 1.50 or above, it does not need to be updated.

    After the update, your AV receiver will be reset to its factory default settings.

    For the affected models, a free update program will be provided in our repair centers. For more information, please contact Sony.

    In the meantime, we strongly advise to deactivate the "Control for HDMI function" of your STR-DG820 by following the procedure below:


    Press AMP MENU, and then press the MENU button on the STR-DG820 remote controller.
    Press Image repeatedly to select "HDMI".
    Press Image or to enter the menu.
    Press  Imagerepeatedly to select "CTRL:HDMI".
    Press Image or to enter the parameter.
    Press Image repeatedly to select "CTRL OFF".

    Control for HDMI function is deactivated.

    For any further information, please contact Sony.